“Thoughts About Enterprise Development, Frameworks, Methods, Tools & Modelling In Practice” 


1) Enterprise Development / Operational Development of an Enterprise (Frameworks, Methods, Standards, Concepts & Tools in Practice / Meta-Framework for Holistic Enterprise Management & Development)
2) Frameworks, Methods, Standards, Concepts (for Operational Development of Organizations)
3) Metamodels of Frameworks (Analyze conceptual data models, interlink analogous concepts, identify missing links/concepts, Construct Synthesis / a Meta-metamodel)
4) Value Chain Based Lean Enterprise Architecture (Lean EA) Approach (Lean & agile principles, Value Chain Based Operating Model and New EA Framework)
5) Service-Driven Approach (A model-driven development method, supported by Model-Based visualizations of modelling tools, combines Service Design approach to EA-practice)
6) Visualization & Analysis Tool (Visualizing enterprise data utilizing new technologies such as graph databases and modern Javascript frameworks)
7) Automatic EA Model Generation (utilizing e.g. Open Group ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format and/or scripting capabilities of the tools)

a) Systems Thinking (systemic approach to manage e.g. complexity of an enterprise)
b) Design Thinking (approach of methods and tools that encourage e.g. to experimental service design)
c) Service Design (customer-centric approach incl. e.g. Customer Journey, Service Blueprint etc. – aligned with Enterprise Architecture, topic No 5)

Eero Hosiaisluoma

Updated 2018-03-10