Value Stream Modelling

Value streams can be modelled to illustrate the value delivery chain. Value can be associated with transitions between the value stream phases (figure below). Capabilities can be linked to the value streams accordingly.

Value Delivery Chain.


  • Capabilities are “serving” the value stream stages
  • Capabilities can be grouped based on classifications such as supporting
  • Specific groups of capabilities are linked to certain value streams.

This example above is included in the reference implementation that is created with Sparx EA, which can be found here: link. Navigate by clicking “Idea to Production” value stream in the middle of the landing page of the Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework (LEAF).

Value Stream

According to SAFe (link) there are two types of value streams: 1) Operational value streams and 2) Development value streams. Operational value streams (1) are used to deliver end customer value, and those define how organization makes its profit or fulfills its mission. Development value streams (2) are used to develop new (or modified) products, services, systems or capabilities, those of which enable operational value streams.

The example above is type of operational value stream (1). Here is a simplification of the value stream diagram (figure below).

Value Stream model.


  • Value Stream -element (figure below) is to be supported in the next version (3.1) of ArchiMate standard (2019).
  • Value Stream can consist of sub value streams called “stages”, those of which are modelled with the same value stream symbol (figure above)
Value Stream element.