Lean EA Framework (LEAF) Sparx EA Reference Implementation

See the reference implementation of the Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework (LEAF), that is created with Sparx EA -tool.

The Sparx EA model is published as HTML, and can be accessed via this:

The LEAF can be used for linking enterprise architecture to solution architecture. High-level enterprise architecture diagrams can be modelled with ArchiMate, from which modellers (and other stakeholders) can drill-down to more detailed diagrams that can be modelled with BPMN or UML.

The level-1 (the navigation landing page, the “front page”) of the LEAF is shown in the diagram below (figure 1).

Figure 1: Lean EA Framework (LEAF) – level-1.

The level-2 the LEAF is shown in the diagram below (figure 2).

Figure 2: Lean EA Framework (LEAF) – level-2.

The level-2 of the LEAF is opened from the content placeholders located on the Architecture Landscape part, as illustrated in the figure 3 below.

Figure 3: LEAF levels (level-1 and level-2).

The LEAF supports ArchDevOps, in which demand- and requirements management are supported by architecture in the Design -phase. Development and Operations -phases are aligned with DevOps -approach.

LEAF phases are aligned with ArchDevOps:

  • Design = Arch (demand- and requirement management supported by architecture, that is integrated with service design, security etc.)
  • Development = Dev
  • Operations = Ops

This LEAF -framework is continuously updated, to be better suited for to be used a generic framework combining design thinking, enterprise architecture approaches, and methods like Goal-Driven Approach (GDA), Service-Driven Approach (SDA) etc. More information about the LEAF can be found from here: link.

LEAF Sparx EA.


  • ArchiMate Specification 3.0.1, Open Group (link)
  • ArchiMate Cookbook, link introduces patterns and examples of what you can do with ArchiMate, how you can use ArchiMate
  • ArchiMate Examples, link, introduces many practical modelling examples.

What is the “Lean Enterprise Architecture”?

  • Integrated value chain -based development operating model and a new agile way of doing enterprise architecture
  • Lean Enterprise Architecture Development (LEAD) method – link
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