ArchiMate 3 is supported in EA-tools

The new version of the Open Group modeling standard ArchiMate 3.0  (published by The Open Group, June 2016) is already supported in modeling tools such as Archi (Beta 4, December 2016) and Sparx EA (v.13). Also drawing tool MS Visio can be extended with ArchiMate 3 stencils (e.g. from here or here).

Full ArchiMate Framework

ArchiMate 3 specification introduces some options by which some meta-information can be added into model elements. E.g. “an optional notation to denote the layer of an element. A letter ‘M’, ‘S’, ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘P’, or ‘I’ in the top-left corner of an element can be used to denote a Motivation, Strategy, Business, Application, Technology, Physical, or Implementation & Migration element, respectively” [ArchiMate 3.0 spec.].

I have used a notation to express the type of element. That optional information is included in “<< >>” as shown in the MS Visio example diagram below.

Figure: ArchiMate 3.0 example digram created with MS Visio stencils.