Concept Canvas

Here is an example of a Concept Canvas that can be used when analysing an idea to a concept. This concept canvas (figure below) is based on Business Model Canvas, BMC (link), Lean Canvas (link) and Opportunity Canvas (link), but this layering and positioning of the boxes is analogical to architectural layers (e.g. as described here).

Concept Canvas – a BMC derivative.


  • This rearrangement of BMC boxes makes the canvas more practical to be filled, as the questions are to be asked in more logical order
  • This layered layout matches to what is used in ArchiMate Framework (link), for better architecture alignment
  • Titles, ordering and sizing of the boxes can be modified according to what is appropriate
  • Elements used in this example (figure above) are ArchiMate concepts, but any other elements can be used.

This Concept Canvas can be used e.g. when designing new services as described here

This figure below is created with Archi-tool (link).

Concept Canvas (created with Archi-tool).

The basic BMC view with ArchiMate shown here.

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