Strategy & Capability Modelling With ArchiMate

Strategy can be modeled with ArchiMate. There are elements from Motivation and Strategy elements in ArchiMate, which together can be used for visualizing how strategic goals can be modeled into more concrete strategy views.

Strategy View Example

Strategy View.

Strategy to Capability View – Capability Based Planning (CBP)

This view can be used for Capability-Based Planning (CBP) purposes, together with other ArchiMate concepts such as “Driver” and”Goal” as shown in the diagram below. This view can be used to support Strategy Planning (and -Execution) purposes. As such, these kind of views can be used in Strategy-to-Capability phase of the operating model (e.g. in the “Strategy-to-Portfolio” value stream of IT4IT value chain).

Strategy To Capability View.

Strategy Execution View => Capability Planning View

This view can be used for e.g. Capability-Based Planning (CBP) purposes, which is “the Link between Strategy and Enterprise Architecture”. This view can be used for e.g. mapping strategies to required capabilities, and mapping capabilities to resources and other building blocks (Architecture Building Blocks, ABBs).

Capability Planning View.

Capability Realization View

Capability Realization View

ArchiMate Strategy Elements

Figure. ArchiMate Strategy Elements.

Metamodel For Strategy Modelling

Figure: Metamodel For Strategy Modelling.

Strategy Modelling Example

Strategy for Business.


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