Customer Journey with ArchiMate

A Customer Journey Map alike view can be modeled with ArchiMate. A customer journey can be modeled with the “Business Process” concept as shown in the diagram below.

Customer Journey View.

This customer-centric viewpoint is focusing on customer experience. This “service design” related approach is concentrating the “outside-in” development of the service that is to be designed. This highlights the services and products as essential aspects that produces value to customers – and indirectly to the organization itself. A customer journey path can be used to visualization of a customer value stream, which spans over several application services and applications. In addition, this view combines both “outside-in” and “inside-out” approaches into single one overall view.

Same view added with customer journey phases: Pre-Service Period, Service Period, Post-Service Period.

Customer Journey View with Phases.

Business Process View

Customer Journey is near to typical business process view, which focuses on specific process as shown below.

Business Process View

This business process view provides a “high-level structure and composition of a business process (or several processes),  the services that are offered, the assigned roles of actors, and the information used by the business process”. This process diagram contains “Junction” -elements to model “fork” and “join” in the process flow.

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