Menu of Frameworks, Methods, Tools & Modeling (by Eero Hosiaisluoma)
Menu of Frameworks, Methods, Tools & Modeling (by Eero Hosiaisluoma)

Service Blueprint with ArchiMate

A Service Blueprint can be modeled with ArchiMate. There can be different variations of the Service Blueprint, one of which is shown below.

Service Blueprint.

..same diagram with another tool below..

Service Blueprint View 1 (services & flows).

This viewpoint is customer- and service-centric (“outside-in”), but it emphasizes also the “inside-out” part of the service. With the help of this approach, the service-driven development can identify the underlying behavioral and structural impacts of the service that is to be designed. As such, this viewpoint complements the customer-experience driven approach with process- and functional aspects. This variation (above) is using ArchiMate dynamic relationship “flow”.

There can be several variations of this view. This example above focuses on information flows between the layers and elements. Another variation is shown below, in which the relationships are modeled using dynamic relationship “flow”, dynamic relationship “serving”, and structural  relationship “realization”.

Service Blueprint View 2 (services & serving).

Another variation (figure below) adds application services into “Support Systems” layer. This variation is aligned with the architecture method…

Service Blueprint View 2 (with services).

Note! Relationship connectors (lines) and their directions can vary depending on the case, and whatever is the purpose and meaning of the diagram: whatever is the most appropriate and understandable approach related to the context and stakeholders involved, can be used. (This is the power and weakness of the ArchiMate: there are many styles of modelling permitted instead of strictly specified guidance.)

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