Lean & Agile Enterprise Development Principles

Lean & Agile Enterprise Development is based on agile and lean practices, but the main focus is on customer value add-on delivery and customer experience. All the other principles shall be derived from those. The most important principles are as follows:

  • Customer Value add delivery above all, from which everything shall be derived from,
  • Collaboration and co-operation throughout the organization, over teams and functions,
  • Visibility throughout the organization, all the aims, activities, actions, ideas, development targets, to be enabled with a visualization tool (EA-tool)!

There are many useful and valuable principles for lean & agile design and development, some of which are introduced in the figure below.

LEAD Principles.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product), is a construct that fulfils the minimum set of valuable characteristics of the development target. The MVP is then to be improved, to get the next version (increment) of the MVP…

For more details of how lean & agile principles can be utilized in overall enterprise development:

  • Lean Enterprise Architecture Development (LEAD) method (link)
  • Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework (LEAF) (link).